The Boat Club was originated by about 20 active motor boat owners of Williamsport, PA. on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, who docked their boats at the former Susquehanna Canoe Club at Maynard Street in South Williamsport. The group first met for the first time on February 22, 1949 and set up a committee to draw up a set of by-laws and aims for the boat club. The charter was drawn up and the Club was incorporated April 13th, 1949, to serve the interests of power boat owners, defend against discriminatory legislation and taxation, prevent pollution, stimulate boating interest locally, provide boating information and provide boat docking and ramp facilities.

One aim was to clean up the river of the abandoned shear booms in the channel. State permission was granted to dynamite these cribs, but this proved uneconomical for such a small group to undertake. The next step was to place markers on all the dangerous low spots adjacent to the main channel. The group complained to and worked with the State authorities to clean up the residue at the Glue Plant and Tannery. October, 1949, necessitated a move of docking facilities from the Canoe Club, which was torn down for the Williamsport Flood Control program. The Boat Club moved to the Minnequa Club in Duboistown that same Fall and made arrangements to build anchorage for the docks which were purchased from the Canoe Club.